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The medium is the massage. Fully on-chain teletext art minted on Arweave and broadcasted on SAT.1 teletext. + A charity auction of 1/1 full set of artworks to support Plant-For-The-Planet.

Artists: Bloom Jr, Buzzlightning,Christoph Faulhaber, Claudie Linke, Gleb Divov, Jarkko Räsänen, Juha van Ingen, KleinTonno, Mamadou Sow, Max Haarich, Nissla, Numo, Quasimondo, sp4ce, tius.

The art exhibition “TeleNFT” questions technological progress in the context of economic and environmental crises. How much time is left? Is technology the salvation? Is art the threat? Our 15 internationally renowned digital artists address these questions with innovative teletext artworks. With only 78×69 pixels, they present motifs ranging from hand-drawn animals to computer-generated patterns. These works immortalized on the blockchain document our zeitgeist, sometimes ironically resigned, sometimes uninhibitedly euphoric, but united in one conviction – now it’s up to us.

Max Haarich & Gleb Divov

More info: www.teletext.de

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A selection of works in The Museum of Teletext Art MUTA

"TeleISIS – retro media-savvy jihadists"

(From series: Girls! Girls! Girls! Girls! Boys!, 5 images, .TTV -files, 2015)

by Ryo Ikeshiro

Ryo Ikeshiro is a UK-based Japanese artist. He is featured in the Electronic Music volume of the Cambridge Introductions to Music series, his articles have been published in the journal Organised Sound and he is a contributor to ZKM Karlruhe’s forthcoming book Sound Art: Sound as a Medium of Art. He has a PhD from Goldsmiths and also works as a visiting lecturer.



TV -Mirror by Bakketun & Norum


(From a series of 5 images, .TTV -files, 2015)

by Bakketun & Norum

An artist duo based in Oslo, founded by Andrea Bakketun (b.1983, Trondheim) and Christian Tony Norum (b. 1980, Oslo) in 2012. The collaboration unites the artists' individual practices in total installations and poetic performances, where historical events are interpreted and retold in combination with intuitive, live art production.




Gerüchte und Lügen (Pinocchio-Kuckuck mash-up) by Kari Yli-Annala

"Gerüchte und Lügen (Pinocchio-Kuckuck mash-up)"

by Kari Yli-Annala

.TTV-file, 2013

Kari Yli-Annala is a visual artist, researcher, and lecturer and teacher in the theory and history of moving image. He has been engaged with making video works since the early 1990s.



Moster Girl by Raquel Meyers

"Monster Girl"

by Raquel Meyers

.TTV-file, 2015

Raquel Meyers (b.1977, Cartagena,Spain ) works with low-res graphics and photography for performance, web, video and installations.

She has performed at VJ-festivals like Mapping and Cimatics, at 8bit events like Tokyo Blip Festival and the Playlist exhibition, aswell at Transmediale, LABoral and LEV Festival.

She currently lives and works in Sweden.



14th July-14th August 2015 in MUTA:

Contradictions by Amanda Siegel

From series: "Contradictions 1-5"

by Amanda Siegel

.TTV-file, 2014

Amanda Siegel (b. 1990, Los Angeles, CA) is an experimental film and video artist interested in the psychology of secrets. Amanda is also a disciple of extreme music.



14th June-14th July 2015 in MUTA:

1,3,4,5,6 by Erkka Nissinen


by Erkka Nissinen

.TTV-file, 2014

Erkka Nissinen (b. 1975, Helsinki, lives and works in Hong Kong and New York). Over the past years, Nissinen has developed a body of video work and performance in which he reflects on our fragmented contemporary existence by negotiating the gap between the real and the virtual.



Monster High TM, Invasion of the Ghoul Snatchers by ÜBERMORGEN

"Monster High TM, Invasion of the Ghoul Snatchers"

from series "Youtube comments [on 920]"


.TTV-file, 2013

Behind ÜBERMORGEN (AT/CH/USA, b.1995) we can find one of the most unmatchable identities - controversial and iconoclastic - of the contemporary European techno-fine-art avant-garde.



14th April-14th May 2015 in MUTA:

Heinola by Jarkko Räsänen


by Jarkko Räsänen

.TTV-file, 2014

Jarkko Räsänen (Finland) is a Berlin/Helsinki based media artist working with video, photography, sound installations and software design. He is interested in human machine interaction and in the concept of realism in relation to audiovisual media.



Transmission by Juha van Ingen


by Juha van Ingen

A series of 5 images .TTV-file, 2012

Juha van Ingen is a Helsinki based visual artist working in various mediums including lo-tech web and video art.


----------------------------Remote Control Music Studio! by Goto80


by Goto80

A series of 5 images .TTV-file, 2013

Goto80 (Sweden) is “the most prolific chip music artist” (Computer Music Magazine) who explores various methods, styles and formats for example electronica, house acid wonk, schlager rock, electro, drum n’ bass and grind pop.



Finnish Architecture in Small Scale by Seppo Renvall

"Finnish Architecture in Small Scale"

by Seppo Renvall

A series of 5 images .TTV-files, 2013

Seppo Renvall’s wide-ranging, multi-faceted production stands at the apex of the Finnish experimental moving image. In Renvall’s films personal material is often combined with a physical re-working of the properties of the film.



"Lindsay Lohan's Mug Shot Cabinet" by Kathrin Günter

"Lindsay Lohan's Mug Shot Cabinet"

by Kathrin Günter

A series of five images, .TTV-files, 2013

Kathrin Günter (Germany) has been exploring extensively gossip, star behaviour and the phenomenon of paparazzi photography. Throughout various media, formats and techniques her series “Star Shots” exposes the allegedly scandalous world of celebrity and paparazzi photography. Further researches and investigations focus on thought-o-graphic experiments, photo chemical processes, spirit photography and other invisible phenomena of the early twentieth century. Kathrin Günter won The Teletext Art Prize in 2013.



Teletextart by Dan Farrimond


by Dan Farrimond

.TTV File, 2013

Dan Farrimond is a multimedia artist from the United Kingdom. It wasn’t until 1998, when he first travelled via aeroplane, that he discovered the country wasn’t actually made up of blocky pixels as shown on the teletext weather map. Ironically, that holiday was also booked on teletext.



MUTA starts 14.8.2014 in YLE Teletext p. 805 with:

"Lucky Cat"
by Dragan Espenchied

.TTV File, 2013

Dragan Espenschied (born 1975) is an 8-bit musician and media artist who lives and works in Stuttgart, Germany. He studied communication design at the Merz Academy in Stuttgart. Dragan started to develop software for Atari Computers in 1991.

In 1995 he founded the 8-bit band "Bodenständig 2000" together with Bernd Kirsch. They got signed on the label Rephlex in London, and started touring throughout Europe and the USA. Together with media activist Alvar Freude he worked on projects like Freedom Phone, Omni-Cleaner, Assoziations-Blaster and insert_coin.

In 2003 he started working with the net.art pioneer Olia Lialina. Their most famous works are Zombie and Mummy, Online Newspapers, Frozen Niki, With Elements Of Web 2.0 and Midnight.

Dragan Espenschied's website: 1x-upon.com/~despens

Museum of Teletext Art MUTA

The FixC cooperative presents in collaboration with Yleisradio, Finnish Broadcasting Company, a museum of teletext-art MUTA.

MUTA broadcasts teletext-art on Finnish teletext page 805 on regular basis.

The purpose of MUTA:

- To broadcast teletext -art
- To document teletext-art
- To archive teletext-art in VILKE art collection and make it available for studies and reserch

c/o FixC
PL1147 FI-00101 Helsinki